Mother’s day gift dilemma: what do you give the woman to whom you owe everything?

ID-10087377Where would we be if not for the nurturing womb of our mothers? Biologists may say we’d be in the primitive stage of an unfertilized ovum, physicists might expect us to continue our existence as particles, philosophers may think we’d exist as an idea. But, it cannot be denied that we would not have been who we are and where we are, had it not been for the mother who gave birth to us, protected us fiercely in our weakest time, nurtured us and helped us grow.

With Mother’s day just around the corner, people are definitely putting their thinking caps on to make the day memorable. Stores are coming up with exceptional offers and discounts to aid our quest for the ultimate gift that will make ‘Ama” or “Madre” or “Mum” or “Mommy” feel special and cherished. We may think of adorning our mother with jewelry or clothes, take her to the movies or to her favorite restaurant, buy her the saree [with Mother’s day discount even] that she has been eyeing for months. But this Mother’s day, what if we tried something different? What if we got her something that no one else could? Intrigued? Read on for eleven gifts that only you can give your mother. What makes it so special? Your time and effort! And if we know our mothers, we know that nothing materialistic can give them better joy.

1. Whip up a surprise meal

Remember how every day our mother puts in gazillion hours cooking for us. This day, wake up early, remember her favorite dishes. Make plans with your siblings and/or your dad to whip up that perfect meal for her. Practice ahead, if necessary. Load up the dishes on a tray and surprise your mother in bed. Even if you are no sous-chef, she will remember the day for years to come with a smile on her face.

2. Take the day off

Why do you look so surprised? I know you took a day off from school/work for your girlfriend’s birthday AND Valentine’s day! This Mother’s day, take a break from your work and tell your mother that the day is for her, whatever she wishes to do. Your only remaining concern will be how to wipe that grin off her face. ☺

3. Let her know that she is the most important woman in your life

So of course you have friends and siblings and other women in your life. But who came first and stayed the longest? Who nursed you back to health every time you fell ill, cleaned up your mess, kissed your bruises and motivated you to be a better you? Your mother dummy! Isn’t it time to tell her that you love her and that she is irreplaceable?

4. Sleep on her lap

Remember the last time you did that? Well that is the problem with us fast paced creatures of the 21st century. We rush through everything and have no time for moments that matter. This day, spend time with your mother watching her favorite shows on TV [yes, even if they are those tedious soap operas], lie down on her lap and tell her you’ll be there for her. Offer to braid her hair while you are at it.

5. Sounds dramatic? Offer to massage her feet

Afraid that this will include you in the genre of weepy movie actors and mama’s boys? Well, there is no shame in being a mama’s boy. After standing for hours taking care of us, the least we can do is give our mother half an hour of rest. You don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day for this. Tune into your mother’s favorite TV channel and press her feet gently while she enjoys the few minutes of much deserved rest.

6. Have an actual conversation with her

When was the last time you actually talked to your mother? Not about ‘paychecks’ or ‘What is for dinner?’ or ‘I need money for the handbag’. An actual conversation about feelings and memories and fears and accomplishment can bring you closer to your mother in minutes. Make some tea and space out on the couch. Sit down and while the afternoon away on whimsical nothings.

7. Prepare a specialized hug coupon

Remember the time when everyone was making ‘love capsules’ for their Valentine in the aftermath of the Korean romantic movie ‘Millionaire’s first love’? Well if you could be that cheesy, this should be easier. Just gift your mother a coupon for free hugs- redeemable any time she wants! She will definitely appreciate it more than a gift coupon.

8. Make her a customized card

It’s easier than it seems. You can just take a chart paper of her favorite color and put your creativity to use. Buy some crepe paper, satin, color pencils and let your imagination flow. On the inside, make sure you write something that relates to a memory the two of you share, or promise her that you’ll always be there for her. If this does not melt her, our next idea definitely will! ☺

9. Write her an actual letter. On paper

Afraid that your hand writing is messy? No wonder! In this era of laptop and smart phones, it is a miracle anyone who is not of school going age even knows how to actually write. Perhaps, this is what will make it all the more special? Find some Nepali kaagaz and pen down your feelings on it. Not only will it remain with her forever, but it will also make you feel better about writing down what you have always wanted to say.

10. Plant some flowers

If you have some space in your garden, or even some vases lying around, you can create a real, live Mother’s Day memorabilia. First, buy various packets of flower seeds. Get your mother home early and plant them together. Make sure you tell her the purpose of the gift- that you want the gift to grow every year as the relationship between the two of you gets stronger. Do buy some extra tissues as mother dear will tear up over this for sure.

11. Make her proud

Keeping everything you can do for her aside; your mother will love you no matter what. Whether you are an astronaut or a business person or a doctor or a lawyer or a homemaker or nothing at all- she will be the one person who loves you even when the whole world seems not to. So make sure you repay this wonder woman by making her proud of your existence. You are her flesh and blood- so make sure that this life she has given you at the cost of unimaginable, incomprehensible pain is not a wasted life. You don’t need to climb Mt. Everest for that. Understand your purpose in life and move ahead with a goal. Believe in your capability to achieve. Stay humble. Be the person your mother would respect. Gift her with the ultimate feeling that only you can evoke!


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