What Fuel Crisis Has done to Me

The unofficial blockade has led to a major fuel crisis and people are trying their best to cope in their own way. Wise Females has asked six ladies about their experiences based on the fuel crisis.


  • “I managed to get inside a fully packed micro and I literally couldn’t breathe! It was so stuffed! Finally when my stop came, I had to pull myself out of the micro bus and I realized that one of my shoe was still inside the bus as it started moving….”
    – Anita S
  • “This experience has been a very traumatizing one for me and it is even hard to think about it right now. As I was going home in a fully packed bus, I felt someone groping my breast. At first I didn’t realize it but it was getting really hard to ignore. It was so packed I couldn’t even tell who the monster was in the packed bus. I got off in the next stop and walked entire way back home.”
    – L Sharma
  • “I was thinking of buying a bicycle since a few months back and I was saving money for it too. The cost was 19,000 and I was able to collect the amount only after this fuel crisis hit hard. And now the same bicycle is priced at 35,000! ”
    – Nisha M
  • “I have lost 3 kgs since I started walking to and from my college. The fuel crisis has not bothered me much till now because the places I need to go is at a considerable distance for a good walk.”
    – Aarati R
  • “I have stopped going to college. I live in Sunakothi and my college is in Maitighar. I have no petrol and it is impossible to find a public transport even during normal days.”
    – Manisha S

  • “I was so excited about the carpooling group. But whenever I have posted there, all I get is ¬†friend requests from strangers and creepy messages from them which in no way is related about my post at all. I wonder if it happens to everyone else.”
    – Sneha A
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