Things that social networking sites are ruining.

It’s an era of social media. We all are in social media because everyone else is. But is it just a boon or is it also a curse? Let’s think for a while and learn how it is running things for us and everyone around us.

 Real life value – Yes, it is ruining the real life values for us. How many of us post sweet fathers’ day and mothers’ day post on Facebook but do not even care to spend half an hour them because we are too busy checking the likes we got on the post?

 Religious and cultural values- I seriously do not remember last visiting a temple or a cultural heritage sight. But I like all the pictures of them when I come across them on Facebook.

 We do not feel the necessity to help the poor because it’s easier to simply share and like the posts about helping the poor.

 We do not need real life company and we do not need to be social because the friends on our Facebook are already enough.

 Festivals are all about clicking selfie and so are the traditions. We even compete with others with photographs because we all want the best pictures.

 We are being addictive to these things, so much so that we won’t be surprised if in future, there are rehabilitation centre for people addicted to social media (like in China).

 Thanks to social media, we compare ourselves to other people in the social media and end up feeling and believing that they have better lives than we do.

 Like bullies in real life scenarios weren’t enough, now Social media sites are giving a rise to crimes like cyber bullying

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