The Sisterhood of Ozely Pezely

ozely-pezelyAs you browse through Kupondole’s boutique lanes; one name will grab your attention right away: Ozely Pezely. To many people the name might sound catchy, to others it may sound a little foreign but only those who know fashion well will recognize that “Ozely Pezely” is a very popular design pattern that resonates the fashion sense of Nepalese.

Ozely Pezely, the fashion house is an endeavor of two sisters Rachita Chamling and Rekha Rai that took off in Magh 2071. This was their first business together but they had both been in the industry for more than couple of years. Their choice of career was no surprise to friends and family as they seem to have had a love affair with beauty and creation ever since their childhood.

“Fashion is not something that you learn, it’s innate” say the sisters.  The sisters grew up dressing up to look good with whatever resources they had. They made sure that their dolls wore the prettiest of clothes. They enjoyed playing with needles, threads and fabric more than they did with anything else. From very little age these sisters knew what they wanted in life. Hence, Rachita Chamling and Rekha Rai pursued their passion at IEC School of Art and Passion, Baghbazaar before starting off as professional dress designers and boutique proprietors.

Why Ozely Pezely

Ozely Pezely speaks for itself as much as it speaks for its owners. Upon entrance, the boutique feels like a colorful, little paradise of designer dresses. You can tell from the touch of the fabric and the choice of the pattern; why this boutique might give a competition to other boutiques in the lane.  Every dress in every corner resonates a super feminine vibe.

Whether it be a designer Saree, Lehenga and Garara or a Kurtha and Dress; every clothe inside Ozely Pezely is a beautifully crafted expression of femininity and art. Every piece is unique in its own way; so much so that the Ozely Pezely sisters assure you you’ll never get a chance to say “Oh, she’s wearing the same thing”.

At Ozely Pezely, you can choose from a huge range of material and design. The boutique assures you unbeatable quality at an irresistible price. While you can find all kinds of designs for all sizes, you will also get free suggestions about what best compliments your body.  The boutique delivers designs that make you stand out and beautiful in every way possible.

“Fashion is an expression of the soul and it’s important to choose a combination that’s most honest”; say the sisters. Hence, the dress that is tailored for you is truly customized and personalized.

What can you Expect

Besides unique designs at reasonable price, you can expect to find designs that are also in trend such as low back blouses,  Net and Silk Gararas, Embroidered Sarees and Chiffon Kurthas.

Thanks to the internet era, you don’t have to be in Kathmandu to get a dress designed at Ozely Pezely. The boutique has Nepali customers across the world that browse and order online. The measurements are taken via viber and skype and once the dresses are ready they are delivered  to your doorstep.

The designers however welcome you to visit the boutique and feel and try the fabric in real time. “You never know how much you are going to love it until you feel it with your hands and judge it with your souls”

So, if you’re hunting for a boutique that understands you right, Ozely Pezely might as well be your next stop.

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