Seven Ways to Maintain your Tongue Hygiene

Beauty is not only about what shows on the outside, it is also about how you take care of the insides. Tongue is a very essential part of the human body and it plays a big role in your oral hygiene routine.  Believe it or not, it speaks a lot about how you take care of your health and hygiene. Tongue is the prime source of odor-causing bacteria.



Here are six ways to keep your tongue healthy and hygienic every day:

  • The Right Brush: Use brushes that are intended for cleaning tongue. There are many brushes available in the market that are half tongue cleaner and half tooth brush. Do not use the tooth brushing bristles to clean the tongue though.


  • Tongue Scrapers: Tongue scrapers are particularly designed to reduce and remove bacteria from the crevices of all areas of the tongue. Use scrapers every day to get rid of the bad breath that comes from bacteria at the back of the tongue. While scraping, make sure that you are not being too harsh on the tongue.



  • Switch to Green Tea: No matter how much we love it, Caffeine more often than not contributes to bad breath. Maintain your tongue hygiene by simply switching to Green Tea that helps you fight oral bacteria.




  • Choose the Right Food: Beware of excess dairy foods that might make mucus appear in the tongue mostly resulting in thick, white coating. But note that if these products are fermented they will contribute towards a healthy tongue with enzymes that digest mucus residue. Also avoid foods like berries and black grapes that might cause discoloration of your tongue.  




  • Watch out for the fags: Yes, sometimes you have to make a choice between tobacco and a healthy tongue. Choose right. Tobacco products coat and discolor the tongue and result in bad breath.




  • Drink and Drink a lot: Water plays an angel when it comes to tongue hygiene. Drinking lot of water keeps you hydrated and saves your tongue from discoloration. Remix your everyday water with herbs such as neem and aloe vera that work magic on oral hygiene.



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