Nose bleeding after physical activity.

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Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I am 17 years old and I love playing basketball. But the problem is, whenever I do, my nose starts bleeding. I have consulted many doctors and my blood pressure is also normal. They told me to eat properly and avoid sun exposure for extended hours. But the situation has worsened now as my nose bleeds even while doing minor work like homework, walking etc. I feel very embarrassed when someone notices my nose bleeding. Please help me!!!!

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1 Answers
WiseFemale Staff answered 3 years ago

Usually nasal bleeding may occur due to various reasons. The place Known as ‘Little’s Area’ in our nose is very rich in blood vessels and bleeding occurs mainly from this area. Normally nasal bleeding can be controlled by pinching the nose softly and applying pressure for few minutes and tilting your head forward. However, your case seems a bit different. Frequent nasal bleeding may require cauterization or nasal packing. The reason behind the bleeding should be sorted out as soon as possible because you have chance of your Hemoglobin falling if you are losing blood. So I recommend you to consult an ENT surgeon as soon as possible. I am sure you will recover soon.
Dr. Pallavi Koirala 
Medical Officer
Civil Hospital and Research Centre

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