Mouth ulcer problem

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Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I am 27 years old and suffer a lot due to mouth ulcers. I have been advised to intake Vitamin B supplement, which works for some time, but the ulcers appear again quite often. Could you please give me any suggestion?

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WiseFemale Staff replied 3 years ago

Mouth ulcer is a very common problem. You shouldn't be worried if they get resolved or disappear within a week. But if they last longer than two weeks, it is very important to visit your doctor. In your case, it doesn't sound complicated. However, sometimes mouth ulcers occur as stress ulcers. So avoid stress and drink lots of water. Avoid those foods that irritate your mouth. Avoid spicy and very salty foods as it aggravates mouth ulcers. Maintenance of oral hygiene is very important. So, brush your teeth twice daily. If the ulcers get very painful, you’d better use the mouth gel prescribed by your dentist or take painkillers to relieve pain. However, try changing your eating pattern first. If it doesn't get resolved completely or becomes more painful, visit your dentist soon. Good luck!!<br>Dr. Pallavi Koirala<br>Medical Officer<br>Civil Hospital.