We don’t have a long story to how we started or when but, we do have the crucial “why” figured out.

There are very few exclusive platforms for women in Nepal, where they can talk about everything and anything under the sun.Wise Females has been conceived with an objective to create an open social platform for Nepali women where they can express their concerns, put forward their queries and share their stories with each other. It has been conceived to build a vocal online community where there is absolutely no inhibition.

Our primary objective is to generate content that provokes thought and invokes communication. We aim to break silences and answer crucial questions. We aim to find and share stories of unheard inspirations. We aim to generate debates and discussions on women’s burning issues. And most importantly, we aim to make vital guidance accessible by creating forums where professional guides are active participants.

However, that’s not all. We are also creating an entertainment platform where women can indulge in everyday lifestyle elements such as fashion, literature, beauty, fitness and online store. Yes, you read it right. We have an exclusive online female store where you can browse a range of clothes, accessories and vitals.
In a nutshell though, Wise Females is an online community where women feel at home and where women celebrate womanhood every other day.