It’s Ghatasthapana!

So it begins. This year the citizens of Nepal have seen a lot. From earthquakes to constitution formation and it is just the mid of the year. But this is the time that everybody has been waiting for, the big festival
Dashain begins from today. Today is Ghatshtapana- the first day of Dashain the ten days festival.

Ghatasthapana means that setting of a pot or vessel. For this occasion, the puja room is cleaned and a Kalash (vessel) made of clay or copper with huge opening is loaded with water, sandalwood glue,

blooms, Holy grass (duvo (दूबो)), rice blended with turmeric (akshyata), betel nut, five leaves, five jewels or a gold coin. A coconut is set on top of the Kalash – a few individuals abstain from putting the coconut
and rather utilize festoon to cover the top. The neck of the Kalash is tied with white and red bit.

Today we have to perform the plantation of Jamara. For that we have to clean the whole house properly and then select a very sacred place for Jamara plantation. Usually it is planted in the puja room. After
the improvement of Kalash, the procedure of ranch begins. A few individuals plant seven sorts of grains like barley, wheat, maize, and sesame seed and so on and others simply plant barley and sesame seeds.

Mantras committed to Lord Varun and Goddess Durga are chanted. Photograph of Goddess Durga or some other incarnation of Goddess Shakti is kept close-by. Durga Yantra, if accessible, is set up close to
the photo of Goddess Durga. Individuals plant the grain onto the sand, which is called Jamara in Nepali. It is put on the head in the tenth day of Dashain as Prasad (blessing) of Durga Bhawani.

This way we begin our main festival Dashain. There will be regular visits to Durga temples starting from this day.

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