It Never Was About the Picture Perfect Moment

For the umpteenth time we tried to take a good photograph and for the umpteenth time we failed. For some reason, the five of us have always failed to look good together in one photograph. And yes, I have to admit I do sometimes envy other best friends who have super good photos together. Hah! Some fine day maybe we will have the picture of our lives, with all five of us looking stunningly beautiful.

friendships^^ Shallow!

If somebody separated us and treated us individually, at once they would find more differences than similarities. We are very different from each other, from the way we dress, to the songs we listen and the kind of guys we tend to fall for- everything is different. And having met us as individuals before and a group later, perhaps people would find it very hard to understand why and how we are so tight as a group, how we are inseparable when together, and why when one of us is absent; other three act like they have left something back at home. What we share is difficult for people to understand, and it’s not their fault because even we haven’t been able to figure it out for ourselves! But then again, maybe friendship like love doesn’t seek reasons. Maybe it will be forever before we stop surprising other people and more ourselves with the bond we share.

Back in the august of 2011, when I first saw them faces I had no idea that I would be so close to them, and they would be so close to my heart. And now, I can hardly imagine what college and even life would be like without them. A day spent with my girlfriends is always a day well spent. I (needless to say) make a very bad friend. I don’t know how to act like a friend, but I am learning (slowly).These girls my god! They have so much to give and selflessly at that, they ride along with you to give you moral support when you are down on confidence, they come back from half way to their ride home just to not let you eat alone yet one more day, they save chocolates so that they can share with you in the class, they listen to you- and just listen to you when you need to cry your heart out for one whole hour, they pick up your phone even when you have caused them terrible heartaches, they scold you when you fail to care for somebody, they would make a roundtrip just to make your trip easier, they believe in your loftiest of dreams, they tell you that they hate you for what you just did and love you for who you are anyway. And the list goes on. But you get it!

So here’s to my girls,

I know we all are a bunch of crazy people who only bring out more craziness in each other when together. But, what fun would our twenties be without this crazy, messy heart that we all carry. I read it somewhere, our twenties is a “hot mess of decade” and I am just so glad to have you girls with me to get through this together. I know we all are a little unhappy about the fact we haven’t had our “perfect picture” yet, but then may be life’s not about good pictures after all, maybe it’s just about the good times that we have together.

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