I am ashamed of the resilience we have

Yesterday (13 Bhadra 2072) as I left home to get to work I realized it was Gai Jatra – the day of the departed souls.  Locals at Harisiddhi had already begun to come out on the street to remember their beloveds who left this world in the preceding year. A chill ran down my body as I thought of all the families that would come out to the streets later in the afternoon. In a long, long time it had struck to me how easily I had forgotten about the devastating earthquake that took so many lives away only four months ago.  I closed my eyes for a split second, wished that all the souls that we lost to the earthquake rested in peace and carried on.


It’s funny. It’s funny how easily we forget painful times. It’s funny how we so easily move on to live like nothing really ever happened. And what’s ridiculously funny is how we have already forgotten what it is like to live in fear, to live thinking we will never have enough time to do all we ever wanted to do and say all we ever wanted to say.  

In less than four months of the devastating earthquake, our country has gone back to doing what it’s best at doing. So much for the resilience, we have successfully embraced political instability, yet one more time.

Like natural disaster was not enough to teach a lesson, people have started killing each other. People are limiting their own source of privileges of life. What’s worse is people are fighting over lands and borders- something to call their own- when they know nature knows no boundaries when it decides to take away your home, your family, your life from you.

It’s a good thing that Nepalis are resilient. But, do we want to be so resilient that we forget why it’s important to embrace goodness over evil? Do we want to be so resilient that we forget we have limited time on this earth to steal somebody else’s life from them? Do we want to be so resilient that we start causing and inducing inconvenience for citizens across the country over petty issues? Do we want to be so resilient that we forget that we are so privileged to even have a roof over our head?

I can’t say I am proud of this kind of resilience. I am ashamed that so many lives were lost only to take Nepal back to square one. I am ashamed of all the lessons that we as Nepalis didn’t learn from the devastating earthquake.

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