Fuel Crisis: A Blockade on Love Life?

The recent fuel crisis in Nepal has not been easy on most of us. As many lovers have come to realize just how much they need  fuel to continue working on their relationship, Wise Females asked few ladies how hard the crisis has affected them.
  • “My boyfriend and I used to meet every other day. And since this fuel crisis, we have not been able to see each other as much. Although this has not affected our relationship as such but I cannot say for other couples.”
    – Sumnima B
  • “There is hardly any place to go on a date right now! Every restaurant I used to visit has been closed since the shortage of gas. This is really bothering me and definitely hampering my love life.”
    -Aarati R
  • “My home is quite near to my boyfriend’s so we still get to see each other as often as before. The fuel crisis hasn’t bothered my love life but definitely has made my life harder.”
    – Sajina M
  • “I feel like I am in a long distance relationship! We rarely get to see each other so we skype often.”
    – Roji S
  • “I am a big foodie and so is he. We love going out on long rides. But the shortage of LP gas and petrol has made us realize that we have hardly any other things in common other than our love for food and travelling. Yep, this fuel shortage has managed to hamper my relationship.”
    – Sunita C
  • “I was trying to lose weight and so was my boyfriend. Due to the fuel crisis, we walk much more often and seldom eat unhealthy. So, the fuel crisis has actually made my love life better in a way.”
    – Kajal M
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