BW!TCH: What it’s like to run a bewitching business in Nepal

About the Brand

Bwitch is an Indian Premium Brand of youthful, comfortable and fashionable lingerie that is targeted for women who want to feel confident and beautiful inside out.
The brand offers an extensive range of lingerie of various fabrics, colors, and sizes to choose from. So every woman – no matter what her size and taste – has something that will suit her lifestyle and meet her expectation.

Bw!tch store located in Pulchowk is the authorized reseller of the brand and has been in business in Nepal since January 10, 2014.

What does Bwitch Offer?

  • Bras
  • Panties
  • Nightwear
  • Shapewear
  • Camisoles
  • Corsets 

Sangita Thapa [Proprietor of Bwitch Nepal]

Sangita Thapa
[Proprietor of Bwitch Nepal]

Wise Females in conversation with Sangita Thapa, the proprietor of the store in Pulchowk, explores what it’s like to run a premium lingerie business in a country like Nepal.

So, tell us about how and why you opened the Bwitch store in Pulchowk.
This is an authorized reseller of the brand which is based in India. This is a premium brand with a price range that is not too high for the quality products it has to offer. I didn’t even know about the brand until a friend of mine suggested that I should open an outlet here in Nepal. Once I understood what it was about, I thought it was a good idea.


The idea is new and bold for the Nepali market, what are the responses and reactions you got from your friends and family?
Yes, this is a very bold business. The reaction and responses I initially got from most people was their shock and disbelief. Even though lingerie is something that every woman wears on a daily basis, it is not talked about openly.
During the initial days, one of the posters that were placed outside the store was torn into pieces. Even the Traffic Department had an issue with the advertising boards I placed outside the store. They said they could cause major distraction and lead to road accident as the store is located in the main road of Pulchowk.

Can you share with us about the consumption of your products? Who are your customers?
I have a range of customers. Most of my customers’ ages range from 15 years to around 45 years. Even though the products are affordable as per the quality, most of the customers are from elite backgrounds and working people who earn themselves. I can’t easily say which one of my customers is richer than the other, but I do know that they visit my store because of the value for money they get.  95% of my customers are Nepalese.

Do you have male customers? Can you tell us what they are like?
I have a lot of male customers! They are very particular about what they want. They often tend to bring photos of the kind of product they want and sometimes they even bring the panty as well! Funny thing is they tend to bargain a lot even though this is a fixed price store!

What differentiates Bwitch from other market competitors?
To begin with, the products are branded hence there is no compromise in comfort or quality. Secondly the products are available across a range of sizes. To top it all, we also have a trial room for our customers’ assurance of the right lingerie for them.


What’s the scope of a lingerie business like this in Kathmandu, do you plan on expanding it?
Yes, I do plan on expanding the business. I’ll be opening an outlet at Durbarmarg soon. There is a huge scope for business in this field at the moment because this is a very basic need. And it will sustain because there aren’t many proper lingerie stores in our country like this one.





How did the earthquake affect your business, how did you cope?
The earthquake harshly affected my business. My store had been closed for months because of the earthquake. And still, I am trying to expand my business. I am focusing on providing the best service and products to my customers. My dedication and hope in my business has helped me cope with the damages done by the earthquake.

Can you tell us some funny or remarkable stories that have taken place inside the store?
I wouldn’t say it is remarkable but during our initial opening days, we had a male customer (he was our first male customer). We first thought he is some guy from an insurance company, but he was there to shop. He bought lingerie but the very next day his wife came to exchange them because it was too tight for her!

Do you think beautiful lingerie makes women feel beautiful inside out?
Yes, I very much agree to this statement! Proper and beautiful lingerie helps women feel comfortable. And when they are comfortable they are both bold and beautiful. The right lingerie makes women feel good and confident from within and I very much believe in that.


Wise Females Rating: 4/5
Purchase Experience: 4.5/5
Price According to Quality: 4/5
Customer Satisfaction: 4/5
Age Group: 15-45
Men Friendly 

Store Name: Bwitch
Store Location: Pulchowk, Lalitpur (opposite Namaste supermarket)
Store Owner: Sangita Thapa
Store Contact Details: +015521186;;;

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