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Fuel Crisis Blues #2: Of the ups and downs

“Just 10 minutes more…” I say to myself after walking for 35 minutes on my way to college. This unofficial blockade has changed my daily routine in every way possible! I miss that extra 40 minutes of sleep. I miss zipping on my scooty. And mostly I just miss the much easier life I had. 

I know that this fuel crisis is not the end of the world and that many people have it worse. Each time I hear my friends say what a terrible experience they had during the tightly packed bus rides, I am thankful that I can walk to most of my destination even though it takes 40 minutes of extra sleep away from me each morning.
In a way, I have come to cope with the unavailability of petrol. Well, for starters, I am walking each day to a healthier lifestyle. And I am even thinking of continuing walking after the petrol crisis is over. So, as I come to think of it, this fuel crisis for me is a good wake up call. Imagine all the fat I’d burn! I have been thinking about losing weight for a while now and this is my opportunity to make the best out of the situation! I am all excited!!!
And now, I just have to focus on eating healthy…eating…oh wait! How could I forget that the fuel crisis also means the shortage of cooking gas! I wonder how my family will cope because gas cylinder is already running low…
Agrima, 20 is a student of BA in Journalism at St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar
If you have a similar story related to how you are making the best of the crisis, write to us. 

Fuel Crisis Blues #1: Of Being a Student

Nepal is facing a time of great crisis. The shortage of fuel has brought about an extremely challenging phase for everyone and each of us have our own experience to share.

As a morning college student my experience is not less painful. Every morning I go through the same trouble. I wake up 20 minutes earlier than I usually do. With my alarm going off at 5 am I get very little amount of sleep.The chances of getting a seat even at 5:30 am is very minimal.

I live in Maharajung and my college is located in Maitighar. Every day I walk back and forth between Chakrapath and Basundhara in the hopes of getting a commute. Sometimes I do get microvans till Lazimpat which is just a couple of stops away and yet I have no other choice than getting in it. From Lazimpat to college is again a long, long walk.

I don’t even remember the last time I attended the first class. On one hand, I am actually very grateful to the college for allowing us to walk in late. On the other hand, not all lecturers allow late students to attend their classes as it disturbs the lecture in process and thus I sometimes stay out wishing that I had reached there later. Either way, by the time I attend classes, I am extremely tired.

Sometimes when we have extra  work and intensive assignments and have to return home late, that is after 2pm, it is equally difficult. The number of public vehicles are very scanty and we have to get into one of the very few and available packed microvans. Inside such packed microvans is so suffocating and difficult at times that I have even felt molested with people’s hand all over the place.I feel so helpless because I don’t know if they are actually molesting me or trying to survive the congested environment just like the rest of the people.

With all these difficulties, I go to college and get back home everyday. I am just hoping that the problem will end soon and that things will go back to being normal again.

Riddhima, 21 is a student of BA in Journalism at St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar
If you have a similar story related to commuting from home to school, college or work share with us.

Dashain and the Nine Avatars of Durga

The much awaited day is finally here. It’s Bijaya Dashami; it’s the day for Teeka. When Wise Females asked our readers “What does Dashain mean to you?” – The answers we got were fairly obvious.

Most of our readers answered “it’s the best time of the year to be with your friends and family”, others answered ” it’s all about Changa and Taas, Maasu and Raksi“, and some got close to the answer we wanted to hear; “it’s about the victory of good over evil”.

However, there was one answer that we were looking for but didn’t quite get; Dashain is also a celebration of the prowess and power of women. In a society like ours where women are consistently looked down upon, it is one of the best festivals to celebrate women and women empowerment.

How do you ask? Well, During Dashain, in the nine days that precede Bijaya Dashami, nine avatars of goddess Durga are worshipped. All the nine avatars that are also known as Nava Durga carry different yet powerful significance.  The nine avatars that we worship on nine different days are as follows:


DAY 1| Devi Shailaputri

Shailaputri the daughter of the mountains is the first avatar of Navadurga. It sounds familiar because she is also popularly known as Parvati. She is worshipped as the absolute form of mother nature.

DAY 2| Devi Bhramhacharini

Bhramhacharini represents utmost peacefulness and spirituality. Her name derives from the word “Bhram” that means penance or Tapasya. She is worshipped for confidence, emotional strength and mental balance in the darkest times.

DAY 3| Devi Chandraghanta

Chandraghanta is one of the fuming avatars of Durga and is easily provoked. She is worshipped for her courage and bravery. She is worshipped for the strength to repel the negative energy away.

DAY 4| Devi Kushmanda

Kushmanda  is worshipped for health, wealth, and prosperity. She brings light into darkness and removes all the hurdles from your world.

DAY 5| Devi Skanda Mata

Skanda Mata is the most motherly form of Durga. She is worshipped for wisdom, power and prosperity.

DAY 6| Devi Katyayani

Katyayani is equally known for her anger to defend righteousness and her ability to love.

DAY 7| Devi Kalaratri

Kalaratri is the most violent avatar of Durga. She is worshipped for the elimination of ignorance and removal of darkness.

DAY 8| Devi Mahagauri

Mahagauri is known to depict purity and is worshipped for the same. Her name also means clean and bright like a ray of lightning.

DAY 9| Devi Siddhidatri

Siddhidatri is worshipped for “Siddhi” or knowledge. The knowledge we are talking about is how everything is one. She eliminates ignorance.



Maha Asthami – Dashain Quickies!

Hello Readers,

Well, well it’s such a warm, lovely and wonderful day. Perfectly Dashain. Regardless of the political instability and crises outside, we can’t quite deny the warm and fuzzy feeling that the festival has brought along.

Today is Maha Asthami- the eighth day of Bijaya Dashami. Do you know what the eighth day signifies? No? Well, we’ve got this covered for you.

Asthami is one of the most significant days during Dashain.

What People Do:

On Astami, Hindus visit different temples of two Goddesses- Durga Bhawani and Mahakali. Traditionally, a number of animals are slaughtered and sacrificed as offerings to the worshipped goddesses (P.S. we are in no way encouraging you to do so). Some people also observe rigorous fasts.

today 1

What devotees expect to get in return:

The Astami is celebrated for the elimination of trouble, evil and ego from one’s lives.

Popular beliefs behind the celebration:

The popular belief is that on this day; Goddess Kali appeared from Goddess Durga’s head to kill the demons: Chanda, Munda nad Rakthabija,

Share with us what you are doing on this day. Send in your photos with a short description and hashtags #astami2072 #wisefemales #Bijayadashami and get featured in our website.

today 3

Phoolpati – Dashain Quickies!

Hello Readers,

It smells like Dashain doesn’t it? While a few of us might be still at work, we are sure most of us are home finally breathing in the beautiful, warm air of Bijaya Dashami.

Today is Phoolpati- the seventh day of Bijaya Dashami and is also known as Saptami. When the Wise Females team asked some readers, we realized that not all of us know what Phoolpati is all about. So here’s what we have gathered about Phoolpati’s Significance.


Why Phoolpati?

Well if you break down the word; Phoolpati is all about Phool– the flowers and Pati- the leaves. On this day, traditionally we bring home the flowers and leaves of nine types of holy plants that are also known as Navapatrika.

What consists of the Navapatrika?

Manabriksha, Jayanti, Ashoka, Belpatra, Ginger, Turmeric, Rice Stalk, Pomegranate, Banana

These nine holy plants serve to put an end to the evil, and bring home wealth, peace, prosperity, health and strength bestowed upon by different goddesses and gods.

Share with us what you are doing. Send in your photos with a short description and hashtags #phoolpati2072 #wisefemales #Bijayadashami and get featured in our wesbsite.

Jayanti Leaf

Jayanti Leaf

Ashoka Leaf

Ashoka Leaf

Turmeric Leaf

Turmeric Leaf

Pomegranate Leaf

Pomegranate Leaf

Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf

Ginger Leaf

Ginger Leaf

Rice Stalk

Rice Stalk






Make Your Relationships Meaningful

In today’s fast paced world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and tons of other social media, it is very hard to be in a meaningful relationship with people. Relationships can be fickle and come with no warranties, so it’s important that we learn to make the most out of them and make them as meaningful as possible. Here are some tips on making your relationships meaningful:

  • Never sacrifice who you are. Always be yourself because if you pretend to be someone else, you’re building the relationship on lies.
  • Don’t let other people tell you how to feel. Always be smart enough to know your own feelings.


  • Accept that others make mistakes and learn to forgive them. Because at some point in life you will make some mistakes too.
  • Don’t let yourself suffer. Always speak out for yourself. It is of no use if you keep on enduring things you are not supposed to.


  • Don’t try to change your partner. It won’t work unless they want to change.
  • You see others the same way you see yourself. Recognize they’re your flaws, not anyone else’s.
  • Understand yourself better. If you know yourself, you can know others better too.
  • Be positive and authentic. Always stay true to yourself.


  • Learn to let go of what others think of you. That doesn’t matter.
  • Let your relationships teach you. We have a lot to learn from one another. And there is a possibility that they might surprise you even after you’ve been together for quite some time.
  • Love with an open heart. Don’t be afraid of getting hurt. You have nothing to lose.


Nepal’s First Zumba Sentao Master Class

Zumba Sentao

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People who want to get some serious(core) work done. Pull up a chair and tone your entire body.

How it Works
Zumba Sentao combines strength and resistance training with innovative dance moves, using a chair as your dance partner. A high intensity workout that focuses on defining your muscles, improving overall cardiovascular health and burning major calories in the process

A unique way to challenge the muscles of the body without having to lift weights.


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We are here!


Months of brainstorming, thinking, feeling [sometimes swearing and crying] has definitely paid off!
Thank goodness it was winter in Kathmandu else we’d have to add sweating and stinking to the list of adjectives too! But well, we are here and we are here to stay.

Today, we are piloting the release of our website “Wise females” for all the women out there [and all the men who want to be in the good books of women too]. We are

W: Weird

I: Innovative

S: Smart

E: Energetic

A unique blend of marketing and social initiative, it is an idea to incorporate the two sectors that are indivisible when we talk about women. Feel free to drop in your comments and ideas so that we can grow together.

Keep tuning in because there will be amazing fun segments coming up!