An Open Letter to Bidhya Bhandari

Dear President,

This is a remarkable day in the history of Nepal. For the first time ever, we have a woman as the head of the state and we couldn’t be prouder. Our earnest congratulations to you! We really hope that you show some real girl power and tell the world what a country can do when it is headed by a woman. The Wise Female team wishes you all the luck, strength and wisdom in the world.

However, we do have a few concerns. World is tough as it is for a woman. We are guessing it is tougher when a woman has a zillion eyes over her, watching every breath she takes, every move she makes and literally every syllable she speaks. It is no secret that citizens of Nepal and of the world will watch you closely starting today, starting right now and there is no way you can escape the scrutiny. One mistake and you’ll be disgraced not just as a political leader but also as a “leader from the second gender”.

We know it’s too much pressure. We know it’s not fair that the male leaders of the country “do not” have to worry about the same thing as you do. But please, we humbly request you to be careful, watchful and mindful.

We humbly request you to use this wonderful opportunity you have to stir up some positive changes in the country. We hope you use this opportunity to lead the country towards a more humane, more sensitive, more positive and definitely more decisive path. We hope you rise from your flaws to become an advocate of gender sensitivity and not otherwise. We particularly request you to wrong people who raise a finger against you for being a woman leader and we hope you do so with your good, brilliant and sassy deeds and not just words.

Starting today, when a Nepali Girl says “I want to be a president when I grow up” her family members shall not laugh at her. Starting today, when a Nepali Woman says “I want to change the world”, it shall no more be just empty words from an empty dream. Starting today, when a Nepali Woman says I can be the head of the family just like I can be the head of the state, the patriarchal society shall not tie her down to the supposedly “right gender roles”. Starting today, every Nepali Woman has in her the ability to be you! So, we humbly request you: PLEASE DO NOT LET US DOWN! Please live up to the women of this country as equally as you live up to the country’s need for 360 degree development.
Best Wishes,
The Wise Females Team

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