5 Simple Reasons Bandh is not the way to go

Bandhs are common occurrences in Nepal.  Political Parties do not flinch, even a little to call upon a strike and declare that a whole town, a whole district, a whole zone or the whole country shall pretend to be dead for a day. These parties won’t stop to think twice about their action and will hold their heads tremendously high in pride claiming that they are doing this “for the people”, “for a better society”, “for a beautiful country”. Shame on them! What these parties don’t do is stop and think. What they don’t do is weigh the pros and cons. What they don’t do is absolutely not understand that the Bandhs are not the way to go.


Dear Bandhkartas,
Here are a few reasons why Bandhs is never the right move.


  • You are creating a time bomb


Yes, you are creating the time bomb with which you will eventually destroy yourself. How, you ask? Well you are clearly stirring up agony among hundreds of thousands of people by negatively affecting their lives with every other Bandh. Your strikes, whether they last 50 hours, 20 hours or just 10 hours, stifle people’s lives in unbelievable degree. And you’d have to be a complete fool to believe that people will quietly do what you ask them to do, whenever, forever. There will come a time when they’ll explode.


  • You are causing spinal injury to the country


How do you expect people to believe that you’re the right party for the country when your best comeback at a wrong decision is stifling country’s economy? Do you not understand that when you call upon a strike you are also putting yourself and everybody around you in a position to suffer from economic crises? Do you not understand that economy is the spine of the country? Really, how stupid can you be?  


  • You are failing country’s heart  


Political Parties should have “building a healthy country” at the top of their agendas. But every bandh you call upon only proves that all you want is for the country to die. Yes, with every bandh you are depriving students of education, you are depriving them of their opportunity to be educated, wise and intelligent human beings. They are the youth, they are the heart of the country and you my dear, you are failing the country’s heart. Not cool.


  • You are showing off your incapability


Every time you call upon a Bandh you are screaming “I need something to keep myself busy”. Aren’t you? Anybody who is capable of working, anybody who is capable of making a living doesn’t go on stifling others’ lives. If you had a job, if you tried at all to get a job, you would understand that every day you don’t show up at work is a day you deprive yourself of the privilege that your income brings you. But, how would you know, you have always lived off the taxes that working citizens of this country pay. Getting a job, creating a job, being productive instead of shutting down the country would be a far better alternative, really.


  • You are representing death


Bandha is definitely not the way to go, because you are representing death. No, not literally. But come on, liveliness is core to a healthy, happy country. If you want to be at the top of the voters’ favorite list- divert your destructive energy into creating something constructive. When you call upon a strike you are embracing death of the country. How is the country going to sustain? How are people going to live? And where will you be when both the country and people are no more?

Bandha Kartas – they don’t know working for a living is all about
Lives are affected across the country


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